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Ceramic tiles

Your pictures or mine!  Now available at the Macaroni Gallery are dye sublimation photo tiles. Either 4.25" square or 6" square. Can be displayed on available stands, framed, hung on the wall or attached as part of a tile project -- come see our new backsplash with wildflower tiles. 

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to Jan 20

Gallery Stroll

Visit the Macaroni Gallery during January Gallery Stroll  on Friday, January 19th. From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. There is new art and gifts. AND the remodeling is done and the dust has settled.

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The Gallery Stroll.

We are proud to participate in the monthly Gallery Stroll. This month we will feature the art of C M (Mick) Lownds. He is a woodworker who has a couple of special loves: bowls and clocks. He makes bowls from both single pieces of tree or segmented, i.e. gluing pieces  of wood together to create fascinating shapes and patterns that appear as he turns the wood on his lathe. Mick's other woodworking love is the creation of large (wall-size) mechanical clocks. See a picture of a recent clock at the gallery along with a few dozen of his bowls. Bowls--art that can be enjoyed by look, feel, and use.

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